Weld Table DIY Kit Fully Assembled! – 30″ x 48″


The easiest to assemble welding table kit in the world, includes tab and slot design plus an integrated T-slot assembly system. This ensures the flattest and fastest to build table available!


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Product Update!

Our 30″x48″ weld table tops are super simple to build, but it turns out we can achieve even better results in our shop by assembling them on one of the large fab tables. So that’s what we’re going to do! We’ll fixture them to one of the big daddys, and lock them in place nice and flat, THEN ship them to you.

At no charge!


Our 30″ x 48″ (actual size 29.5″ x 47.5″ for shipping purposes!) welding table top is the perfect solution for portable welding or confined spaces. Laser cut from 3/16″ A36 steel plate, this top comes professionally assembled and ready to put to use!

This kit includes the same standard 5/8″ holes as all of our welding tables, meaning you can use a wide range of fixturing accessories. In addition, the table also includes built in jigs used for assembly that can still be used for fixturing for the life of the table! 5/16″ nuts and bolts fit perfectly for any reason you can come up with.

Kits With Legs / Casters

We also offer the welding table tops with legs and casters. If you choose this option, we’ll include pre-cut legs and cross-members.  All you’ll need to do is bolt the legs in place, and weld the cross braces in place.

Built Like a Tank

Not that we recommend it, but to demonstrate the flexibility of these little tables, we put one of our giant 50″ x 100″ tables (~1,600 pounds) on top and rolled it around with no problem! So you can rest assured it will handle just about any normal task you can throw at it.

Packaging and Shipment

One of the other nice things about these tables is that we can use traditional shippers like FedEx. We pack the entire table into a single heavy duty two-part box which weighs about 140 pounds and send it on it’s way. Your box will look pretty much like this.

If you happen to order an accessory or two that we can fit in the box, we’ll pack them together. So make sure you have a dolly, or a friend, to help move the box when it arrives. We don’t want any members of the Texas Metal Works family throwing their back out!

Additional information

Weight 139 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 32 × 6 in
Package Options

Top Only, Top Plus Legs and feet, Top, Legs, feet & Casters


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