Welding Table Starter Accessory Pack


We’ve assembled everything you need to get started fixturing on a new welding table, including clamps for holding down, stops for alignment on the table, and right angles to make sure things are straight. 

The first question people usually ask when purchasing a new weld table for fixturing is, ‘what tools do I need’? So we’ve assembled three option packages to ensure you have a range of useful tools that will help with just about any project you need to tackle.

Our starter accessory pack includes the following (read on to learn about each item):

The aggregate price of components in the bundle is $689.45, but when purchased in this Starter Pack we’ve discounted the package to $599.99. Now let’s break the kit down item by item…

What You Get – And Why!

6.5″ InsertaClamps

We consider the InsertaClamps to be the single most important accessory for our fabrication tables. These clamps can drop in any hole on our table or any of the other fixtures, and quickly clamp down with hundreds of pounds of holding force.

We include 8 in our standard kit because if you wanted to do something like fixture a square tubing frame you’ll need two of these clamps per side to hold it in place.

Stops and Side Clamps

It’s one thing to be able to clamp things downward to the table, but it’s another thing to be able to position things accurately and clamp them sideways. This is where the stops and side clamps come in. So let’s say you want to build a frame that’s almost as big as your table surface. You can use the side stops to push your material right up to the edge.

Meanwhile, on the other side you need to be able to push things together firmly to keep it in place, so that’s where the Side Clamps come in.

If you don’t need to go all the way to the edge you can just use the stops on the surface along with the side clamps.

Magnetic Rest Buttons

The magnetic rest buttons do two very critical things:

  1. They raise your work piece up by about a half inch (or more if you stack them), allowing you to actually fully weld seams all the way down without risking welding your project to the table!
  2. They allow for some critical space for weld BB’s to cool down before hitting the table surface, which prevents a lot of them from sticking.

For even more protection for your table top we recommend spraying Anti-Spatter directly on the table surface before welding over it! Between that and the rest buttons virtually nothing will stick to your beautiful table!

Accessory Tool Holder

The accessory tool holder simply keeps your InsertaClamps right on the side of the table where they will be accessible at all times.

Right Angle Hanger

The Right Angle Hanger does for the Stops and Side Clamps, what the accessory tool holder does for the InsertaClamps – keeps them handy and nearby.

Welding Table Fab Squares

The 10″ Fab Squares do exactly what you would expect them too. Allow you to fixture upwards at a perfect 90 degree angle, meaning you can reliably and consistently fixture in three dimensions!

So that’s what’s included in our Starter Accessory Pack! We think these tools are the most critical for anyone just getting a professional fixture table.