Variable Height Edge Stop

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Our variable height edge stop is designed to mount on the edge of any of our fabrication tables to give you a positive and extremely strong stop to push material against. It also offers two additional holes to accept tooling or to use for creative fixturing!


Our variable height edge stops include two sliding slots (16mm / 5/8″ wide) to allow for vertical adjustment when pushing material up against the edge. They also have two additional holes which will accept the same standard tooling as the rest of our line.

This means the plates can be used for a wide variety of fixturing, limited only to your imagination! Combine them with our riser cubes, angles, or just use them to bolt home made accessories to. Every time we turn around someone in the shop has found a new use for them, so you definitely want a few in your bag of tricks.

Included with the purchase are the nuts and bolts to clamp them in place!