Self Leveling Feet (6 Pack for 5″ Casters)


No need to choose between Casters and Leveling Feet, when you can have both! Our 6 Pack of Self-Leveling Feet bolt-on to the standard cross bracing with our weld table legs and casters. Designed for our 50″ x 100″ tables (with 5″ casters) this 6 Pack installs as simple as drilling two holes and installing two bolts.  


We build these self-leveling add-on feet out of premium components:

  • 1 7/8″ wide x 3.125″ high swivel feet on 1/2″ studs, rated at 5000 lbs per foot
  • Glass-reinforced nylon tube end molded around a threaded brass insert, rated at 2,000 lbs per foot
  • 2″ square 16ga steel tubing with welded steel side gussets
  • Designed to work with our 5″ casters for 50″ x 100″

Two holes and two bolts mount the feet anywhere along the table cross bracing. Will not interfere with an add-on shelf screwed to the top of the cross-bracing!