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  • Beveled Twisted Knot Wire Wheel 5in

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    If you’ve never tried a 5in wheel they offer a LOT more power than a 4.5in wheel and last a lot longer.  The bevel allows the twisted knots to angle downward a bit which makes it much more effective!

    Even better, in the 10-pack these babies are only $4.50 each! That’s less than half the price you’ll pay anywhere else! 🙂

  • Sliding Stop – 2.5″ Travel

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    Made from 1/4″ A36″ steel, this sliding stop is made for ultimate flexibility.  With 2.5″ of travel, this stop knows no boundaries.  Swivel 360 degrees and adjust for the perfect hold! Our Sliding Stop -3″ Travel measures 4.2″ x 2″ x 2″ and weighs 0.66 pounds.

  • BuildPro Stop

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    This stop can be used wherever parts need to be positively located for clamping. Press fit shank can be inserted in any 5/8-in holes on our tabletop. We offer the 1.5″ tall stop, since it’s by far the most popular with our customers.

  • Fabrication Table Magnetic Rest Button

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    Magnets on the bottom of the Magnetic Rest Buttons allow the button to be used at ANY point on the tabletop to elevate workpieces. This part elevates to 0.45 inch.

  • Riser Block Family

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    Gain vertical and horizontal space with our new line of Riser Blocks

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