2-Axis Fixture Vise 1.85″ T-Clearance (WAC22)


Made with machined cast iron. Featuring these improvements:

  • Machined outside faces – usable for upright joint
  • Stand-off increases access
  • Quick acting screw on deluxe models.
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2-Axis Welders Angle Clamp


Model NumberThis ProductWAC34
Slot Size (A)1.4″(35.5 mm)1.6″ (40 mm)
Slot Width (B)0.42″ (11 mm)0.42″ (11 mm)
Miter Joints (C)2.50″ (63.5 mm)3-3/4″ (95 mm)
Jaw Length (D)3.1″ (80 mm)4.2″ (107 mm)
T-Clearance (E)1.85″ (47 mm)2.5″ (64 mm)
Jaw Height (F)1.28″ (33 mm)1.35″ (35 mm)
Weight6 LBS (2.75 kg)9.5 LBS (4.3 kg)
Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 in


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