Looking for a Weld Table? Well, welcome to Texas Metal Works! In addition to custom fabrication, 3D product modeling and design, we also build the world’s finest welding tables. Check out the products in our Shop, and read our most recent posts on the Blog for all sorts of interesting info and tutorials!

Our Products

Welding Table Options

Choose from one of our light duty Welding Carts, our heavy duty Weld Tables, or our Flexible Mod Blox!

Weld Tables

Weld Tables

Heavy Duty Tables for Fabricators

Mod Blox

Modular Table System for Flexibility

Welding Carts

Mobile Fabrication Carts for Welders

Welding Table Add-Ons

Extend the functionality of your table with DrawersExtensionsShelves, and Covers.

Weld Table Shelves

Weld Table Base Shelves

Lower shelves for our heavy duty welding tables.

Weld Table Drawers

Drawers compatible with all Weld Tables, Wolfram Carts, and Workbenches.
Weld Table Extensions

Weld Table Extensions

Extend the functionality of our Heavy Duty weld tables.
Weld Table Covers

Weld Table Removable Covers

Cover plates to protect our heavy duty welding tables.

Welding Table Accessories

Outfit your table with Weld Table Accessories, Weld Table Fab Squares, or Weld Table Riser Cubes to aid in fabrication.

Weld Table Accessories

Weld Table Accessories

Clamps, stops, magnets, squares and other tools for use with Fab tables.
Weld Table Fab Squares

Weld Table Fab Squares

Fab squares to fixture at perfect angles.
Weld Table Riser Cubes

Weld Table Riser Blocks

Cube for fixturing and connecting welding tables.

Super Slot Systems

Organize with our extensive line of quick release Wall Panels, Table Panels and Accessories.

Super Slot Accessories

Super Slot Accessories

Bins, hooks, shelves and more for our Super Slot panels.
Super Slot Table Panels

Super Slot Table Panels

Table leg panels to hold Bins, hooks, shelves and more.
Super Slot Wall Panels

Super Slot Wall Panels

Wall panels to hold Bins, hooks, shelves and more.

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