Welding Table – 60″ x 100″ (5’x8′) Fully Fabricated Weld Tables


If you’re looking for a full 5 foot by 8 foot welding table, you’ve come to the right place. Our 60”x100” fabrication table is slightly oversized to allow for a full 5’x8’ work surface. Of course, this table can be combined with any of our table extensions to add even greater size, and all of our accessories and fixtures will help make full use of the table.

Frequently Bought Together

Welding Table Base Shelf - 60" x 100

Add over 30 square feet of storage space under your 60" x 100" welding table with our Welding Table Base Shelf.  We laser-cut two panels with eighteen slots (21" long) per panel for a total of 36 slots across the entire 2-panel base shelf. This shelf for perfect for strapping down your welder, bolting down gear or customizing the base shelf to your specifications.  We'll leave the organization up to you!

Welding Table Extension - 30" x 10"(Gen 2)

Expand your welding table surface area by adding our 30" x 10" table extension to our 30" x 40", 30" x 60" or 60" x 120" welding tables

Welding Table Extension - 60" x 20" (Gen 2)

Add even more welding table surface area with our larger 60" x 20" table extension.  Double them up and transform our 60" x 100" into a 60" x 140" or supersize our  60" x 120" into a 60" x 160".

Suspended Single Drawer Cabinet

Organize your table with our single 20" wide suspended drawer cabinet featuring heavy-duty drawer slides with soft close drawer slides. First, we CNC laser cut and bend our 18-gauge drawer.  Next, we enclose it with 10-gauge side panels and 18-gauge top and bottom panels. This unit is built Texas tough!

Weighing 45 lbs and measuring 19.5" wide x 20" deep x 6" tall, this unit attaches to laser-cut holes in our table's internal rib structure.  This fully enclosed storage unit features one drawer measuring 4.25" tall.


Welding Table Removable Top Cover - 60" X 100"

Need a solid surface workstation? Our Welding Table Removable Top Cover - 60" x 100" is made with five 20" x 60" solid 10-gauge cover panels.

Welding Table Extension - 60" x 10"(Gen 2)

Expand your welding table surface area by adding our 60" x 10" table extension to our 30" x 60", 60" x 60", 60" x 100", and 60" x 120" welding tables.

Weld Table Super Slot Panel - 60" Table Width

Our Weld Table Super Slot Panels provide expandable storage and organization tableside.  Panels are sized specifically for the narrow side of our Weld Tables.  Mix and match our bins, hooks, tool storage, shelves, and more to customize your work surface. 

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Welding Table Description

Texas Metal Works offers fully fabricated tables shipped FREE – saving you time, hassle, and money! Between the 50″ x 100″ and 60″ x 120″ sits our 60″ x 100″ welding table. When it comes to having plenty of room for multiple stations, or just accommodating large products, it can’t be beat.

The surface is a true 60″ wide and 100″ long, and the 8″ sidewalls allow for additional fixturing outside of the table dimensions. For even MORE room, you can always add one or more of our welding table extensions.

Table Top Features

  • A full 60 inch wide x 100 inch long work surface.
  • Standard 38″ surface height (Check out Custom Height – Cut To Order).
  • 8 inch table sides also allow fixturing.
  • Accommodates 5 foot x 9 foot materials with plenty of room to spare!
  • Almost 2,100 precision CNC cut holes (5/8″ / 16mm).
  • Accommodates Stronghand and similar tooling.
  • Available in 1/4″ (A36 HRPO) and 3/8″ (A572-50) thickness table tops with 1/4″ sidewalls and rib structure
  • Professionally assembled and guaranteed forever!

Table Base Features

  • 2 in x 11 gauge heavy tubular steel legs.
  • 2in x 16 gauge tubular steel cross bracing.
  • Optional Casters: 8″ swivel and fixed casters with Total Lock Brakes rated over 1,200 pounds per wheel. Non-marking polyurethane wheels with iron hubs.
  • Optional Leveling Feet: Glass-fibre reinforced tube ends and self-leveling swivel stud feet.
  • Weighs approximately  1,100 lbs. with legs and casters.


Welding Table Components

Complete tables are built from dozens of laser cut parts, which is just one key component to the overall accuracy of the finished product. Sure, our CNC machines can maintain accuracy to within .002″, but let’s face it – a stack of parts isn’t going to perfectly fabricate itself!

Welding Table Parts

Welding Table Construction

Read our full article: How We Build Super Flat Welding Tables

The strength of a Texas Metal Works weld table comes from the interlocking series of ribs supporting the surface. These precision cut ribs lock together and also interlock with the table surface.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 50x100-Fixtures-1024x576.jpg

As you might guess, fabricating a huge table with precision requires extraordinary effort and a lot of practice. But we also augment our fabricator’s experience with the best tools available. In addition to using 142 bolts, 132 feet of threaded rod, 63 fixturing plates and making hundreds welds – we also fabricate all of our table on a heavy duty milled reference surface!

You can read a complete discussion of our welding table build process here, but the short version is that we start out by securely bolting every table top directly to a precision milled surface.

Only after securing the top to a reference surface do we add the ribs and sidewalls and secure them by bolting everything firmly in place before locking it in with hundreds of weld points.

At the end of the day, we’re not happy until we can lay a level across the surface and visually verify that there is almost no (or none whatsoever) daylight peeking through.

Notes on Shipping

As you can imagine, these massive tables can be a little challenging to ship and receive. When we ship any of our tables the carriers require us to put them on a pallet. But normal pallets won’t work, so we manufacture custom skids specifically for shipping these bad boys.

Each table is bolted directly to a custom skid with heavy duty hex head screws to ensure it stays put during transport. If you choose the option with casters they’ll be placed in a box and safely strapped to the skid.

Custom shipping pallet shown with our mega 60″ x 100″ table. Sizes will vary.

These skids are then loaded onto a truck at our end via forklift, and we use long fork extensions to put them in the truck from the end of the table. Shipping companies only carry a small pallet jack on the truck, and those jacks absolutely can’t move these tables. So on the reverse end it’s going to require a similar setup for unloading purposes.

At a bare minimum, you’ll need 48″ forks to lift the table out of the truck. However, we recommend 72″ or 84″ fork extensions. Amazon sells a bunch of extensions in case you need them. We’ve used these 72″ fork extensions to get the job done, and these 84″ fork extensions work even better. When buying forklift extensions pay particular attention to the width of your forks to make sure you get the right size!

If you can get heavier duty fork extensions we HIGHLY recommend it! Especially if you order your table along with several accessories that will ship on top. The tables plus accessories can often exceed 1,000 pounds, and the light duty extensions may flex or bend. Please contact us if you have any concerns about receiving, or if we need to make special plans to get things delivered safely!

Weight N/A
Dimensions 120 × 60 × 41 in
Package Options

1/4" A36 P&O – Top Only, 1/4" A36 P&O – Top, Legs, & Self-Leveling Feet, 1/4" A36 P&O – Top, Legs & 8" Casters, 1/4" A36 P&O – Top, Legs, 8" Casters & Self Leveling Feet, 3/8" A572-50 – Top Only, 3/8" A572-50 – Top, Legs, & Self-Leveling Feet, 3/8" A572-50 – Top, Legs & 8" Casters, 3/8" A572-50 – Top, Legs, 8" Casters & Self Leveling Feet

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