Weld Table Extensions

In order to better organize a whole lot of products, we’ve broken down the products that work with our welding tables into two main groups – ACCESSORIES and FIXTURES.

Our ACCESSORIES listing features products that are generally portable and could be moved around the shop and between tables continuously.  Our FIXTURES listing features things that generally bolt to a table.  We’ve created a few subcategories to quickly help you find the right products.

To customize your table, check out our: BASE SHELVES, DRAWERS, EXTENSIONS, and REMOVEABLE COVERS.

For fixturing and productivity, check out our:  RISER BLOCKS,  FAB SQUARES, and SUPER SLOT ACCESSORIES.

Make sure and check out each category to get everything you need! And contact us if you’re looking for something that isn’t listed. Chances are, we have it but it just isn’t on the website yet!

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