Welding Table Advanced Accessory Pack

What Tools Are Included

The first question people usually ask when purchasing a new weld table for fixturing is, ‘what tools do I need’? So we’ve assembled three optional packages to ensure you have a range of useful tools that will help with just about any project you need to tackle. Check out our Starter, Advanced, and Pro Accessory Packs.

Advanced Accessory Pack: You subscribe to the belief, “Good enough never is” and your projects reflect that – so our Starter pack is out and you’re ready for something more… This package brings even more tooling options for fixturing those intricate projects (and we’ve included a 10% discount when purchased in this kit!).

Our Advanced Accessory Pack includes the following (read on to learn about each item):

  • 6.5 Inch BuildPro Inserta Clamps

    Place the Inserta Clamps into the 5/8″ holes on our table tops for fast, easy clamping. Clamp in the vertical or horizontal position at any height.

    $16.20 each

    In stock

  • 8.5 Inch BuildPro Inserta Clamps

    Our InsertaClamps will hold down anything you can imagine on any welding table with standard 16mm or 5/8″ fixture holes. Choose from either this 8.5″ version, or the smaller 6.5″ variant depending on the height and strength requirements of your project.

    $23.40 each

    In stock

  • BuildPro Inserta Pliers – 4″ Opening

    Insert these pliers into any hole on our tabletops for fast clamping. The rear crank handle allows pressure adjustment while the clamp is in locked position.

    In stock

  • BuildPro Stop

    This stop can be used wherever parts need to be positively located for clamping. Press fit shank can be inserted in any 5/8-in holes on our tabletop. We offer the 1.5″ tall stop, since it’s by far the most popular with our customers.

    $4.05 each

    In stock

  • BuildPro Side Clamp

    Insert into our welding table holes for low profile, light duty, horizontal clamping, locating, and stopping.

    $13.50 each

    In stock

  • Sliding Stop

    Made from 1/4″ A36″ steel, this sliding stop is made for ultimate flexibility.  With 3″ of travel, this stop knows no boundaries.  Swivel 360 degrees and adjust for the perfect hold!

    $5.40 each
  • Variable Height Edge Stop

    Our variable height edge stop is designed to mount on the edge of any of our fabrication tables to give you a positive and extremely strong stop to push material against. It also offers two additional holes to accept tooling or to use for creative fixturing!

    $16.19 each
  • Fabrication Table Magnetic Rest Button

    Magnets on the bottom of the Magnetic Rest Buttons allow the button to be used at ANY point on the tabletop to elevate workpieces. This part elevates to 0.45 inch.

    $3.60 each

    In stock

  • Fabrication Table 1/2″ Threaded Adapters

    Convert any hole in the table into a 1/2″x 13 threaded hole. Place the Adapter in position beneath the tabletop, in alignment with table holes. Magnets hold threaded adapter in place so you can thread bolts right through from the top of the table!

    $6.30 each

    In stock (can be backordered)

  • 10″ Combo Accessory Tool Holder

    Because you don’t have time to look for lost tools, we’ve created the Combo Accessory Tool Holder.  Our 10″ x 7″ tool holder offers plenty of space for hanging clamps/pliers and comes with a top-shelf with five 5/8″ precision-cut holes for extra tooling

    $26.99 each
  • 12″ x 12″ x 4″ Welding Table Fab Square

    $116.99 each
  • Adjust-O ON / OFF Magnet Square Small

    Fast & easy way to hold metal work pieces at 45 Degree & 90 Degree. With the magnetic switch you can Turn the magnet off when setting up, and turn it on when you’re ready to work. Fast and safe set-up!

  • Adjust-O ON / OFF Magnet Multi-Angle Large

    Magnetic Welding and Fabrication Square. Turn the magnet Off when setting up, turn On when you’re ready to work. Fast and safe set-up! Ideal for round and square tubing, angle, and flat stock. Easy to clean. Simply turn Off and wipe. The fast & easy way to hold metal workpieces at 30°/60°, 45°, and 90°.

From: $1,178.88

Want more? Buy as many as you like and get our Starter Pack Discount!

What You Get – And Why!

6.5″ & 8.5″ InsertaClamps

We consider the InsertaClamps to be the single most important accessory for our fabrication tables. These clamps can drop in any hole on our table or any of the other fixtures, and quickly clamp down with hundreds of pounds of holding force.

We include eight (8) 6.5″ Inserta Clamps and four (4) 8.5″ Inserta Clamps in our Advanced kit because advanced projects call for plenty of clamps!

We have you covered with four (4) additional 4″ Opening Pliers. Perfect for holding sheet metal and small objects.

Stops & Side Clamps

It’s one thing to be able to clamp things downward to the table, but it’s another thing to be able to position things accurately and clamp them sideways. This is where the stops and side clamps come in. We’ve included several to keep your materials exactly where you want them: Stops, Side Clamps, Variable Height Edge Stops and Sliding Stops. Each has its own function.

Stops are the fastest way to create borders, so drop them on one side of your material and push against them from the opposite side!

Magnetic Rest and Stop working together

Meanwhile, on the other side you need to be able to push things together firmly to keep it in place, so that’s where the Side Clamps come in.

So let’s say you want to build a frame that’s almost as big as your table surface. You can use the Variable Height Stops to push your material right up to the edge.

Sometimes your materials don’t fit conveniently between our precision holes and other stops just don’t work. Enter our Sliding Stops. Position them where you need ’em and they will hold!

Magnetic Rest Buttons

The magnetic rest buttons do two very critical things:

  1. They raise your work piece up by about a half inch (or more if you stack them), allowing you to actually fully weld seams all the way down without risking welding your project to the table!
  2. They allow for some critical space for weld BB’s to cool down before hitting the table surface, which prevents a lot of them from sticking.

For even more protection for your table top we recommend spraying Anti-Spatter directly on the table surface before welding over it! Between that and the rest buttons virtually nothing will stick to your beautiful table!

10″ Combo Accessory Tool Holder

Because you don’t have time to look for lost tools, we’ve created the Combo Accessory Tool Holder.  Our 10″ x 7″ tool holder offers plenty of space for hanging clamps/pliers and comes with a top-shelf with five 5/8″ precision-cut holes for extra tooling.

1/2 Threaded Adapters

These are the most underrated tool in the arsenal and they are simply… transformative. The 1/2 Threaded Adapter magnetically mounts on the underside/backside of your table and converts any hole in the table into a 1/2″x 13 threaded hole. We have dozens of these mounted on our fixture tables to help bolt down fixtures and secure materials topside with our various mounting plates.

Welding Table Fab Squares

The 12″ Fab Squares do exactly what you would expect them too. Allow you to fixture upwards at a perfect 90-degree angle, meaning you can reliably and consistently fixture in three dimensions!

So that’s what’s included in our Advanced Accessory Pack! Tooling is critical, so take your time and find the right package for you. Check out our Starter and Pro Accessory Packs too.