Introducing the WOLFRAM Weldstation: Our Take on the Ultimate Mobile Welding Platform

Howdy, fellow welders! We’ve been building and refining the concept of professional fabrication tables for years, and we’ve learned a LOT of lessons from that experience. Now we’ve taken all of that knowledge and rolled into a new product that that we believe will make your jobs easier and your welding projects more enjoyable. The result? The WOLFRAM Weldstation.

Wolfram Weldstation Logo

Design Elements

We started with a challenging goal: to build a welding table that’s the flattest, strongest, and most feature packed on the market. We examined every other product available in detail, and combined that with everything we wanted ourselves, and Wolfram is the result of all of that effort! For the initial launch, the Weldstation comes in three configurations – Core, Pro, and Prime – so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget (plus ALL of our accessories work with it).

Build Details

The heart of the Weldstation is its 30″x50″ fabrication surface, made from 1/2″ thick A572-50 structural steel. We source this high-strength, low-alloy steel right here in the USA, and it’s the same stuff used to build cranes, bridges, and skyscrapers. We wanted to make sure your projects have a solid foundation, and we’d like to see you pass this down for generations to come.

But a strong surface isn’t enough – it needs to be flat, too. That’s why we put every single Weldstation top through a Blanchard grinding process (it makes milled surfaces look rough!). It takes extra time and effort, but we think you’ll appreciate the difference it makes in your work (it also looks super cool). Wolfram exceeds almost anyone’s tolerances, so unfortunately if your project ever turns out crooked again you won’t be able to blame the table. Sorry! 🙂

We didn’t stop there, though. The Weldstation rides on a fully welded space frame made from 2″x2″, 2″x4″ and 1″x3″ tubing for serious strength (not that chintzy bent sheet metal). Yeah, it’s overkill. That’s the way we roll!

And if you’re looking to expand your setup, we’ve got you covered with sidewalls all around that will accept table extensions, fab squares and more; and even 42 additional holes in each leg for anything else you can come up with.

It Doesn’t Stop There

Other features we think you’ll love? A removable, full-width handle, a heavy duty slotted lower shelf for storing or strapping things to, and optional center shelves and drawer units to keep everything handy and organized. We’ve also employed our heavy-duty casters that can easily handle a literal TON of cargo on the tabletop.

Finally, we finished off the Weldstation with a 4-stage powder coating process for durability and a sleek look that’ll make your buddies jealous.

We’re proud to say the WOLFRAM Weldstation is 100% Made in Texas, using US and North American steel, and welded by certified professionals. We built this table to be the ultimate mobile welding platform, and we hope you’ll give it a chance to prove itself in your shop!

If you have any questions or feedback, we’re always here to help. Just give us a call or ping us on the web chat… Happy welding!

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