The Best Welding Table on Earth! The WOLFRAM Weldstation!


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Make no mistake – you will not find a better all-around welding table manufactured by anyone! Introducing the Wolfram Weldstation. Our premier mobile welding platform that provides the best mix of flatness, strength, functionality, and awesomeness anywhere. Feature for feature, we’ll put Wolfram up against any welding cart or welding table and it will not only beat the competition, it will eat ’em for lunch!

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Wolfram Weldstation
We Apologize in Advance!!!

Man, this page is long. Just wait… you’ll see! But our intention is to be 100% transparent about our new Wolfram product, and the only way to do that is to put it all in writing. So we’re including a handy Table of Contents right below in case you want to jump right to a topic! And as always just chat with us, give us a call, or come by our shop if you would like more information! Let’s Get It On!

Standard Configurations

  • In the Core configuration the Wolfram Weldstation comes fully fabricated with the top, debris drawers, legs, lower shelf, casters, and handle. There is no difference between any of these components and the other configurations other than additional accessories. In other words, if you start with the Core package, you can add or change the configuration later with simple bolt on accessories.
  • In the Pro configuration, the Wolfram Weldstation includes everything in the Core configuration, plus two SuperSlot panels mounted on the sides of the legs and a full width adjustable height shelf.
  • In the Prime configuration, the Wolfram Weldstation includes everything in the Core configuration plus plus two SuperSlot panels mounted on the sides of the legs, along with a suspended 3 Drawer unit.

The biggest reason for selecting the higher level packages up front is the savings when it comes to shipping. When we put it all on a pallet together it saves hundreds of dollars in transport costs, which we give right back to you. Those aren’t discounts on the configurations, they are the cost savings that come with bundling.

A Few Noteworthy Items

All of our Welding Table Accessories and Welding Table Drawers will work with the Wolfram Weldstation.

  • The 10″ x 30″ and 20″x30″ table extensions will both work with Wolfram, extending the length by 10″- 40″ as necessary.
  • The Vise Mount will work with Wolfram, as well as any of the Mod Blox (especially along with Mod Blox Legs).
  • Our weld table covers can also be used with Wolfram. The 30″ x 30″ will cover 60% of the top with a solid panel. We’ll also be releasing a 20″ x 30″ panel for those wishing to cover the entire surface.
  • You can choose single, double or triple drawer units for one or both sides of the unit.
  • Choosing a drawer unit for one side leaves the other side available to accommodate storage up to 20″ wide x 22″ high x 24″ deep – perfect for a welding machine.
  • The full width shelf can be used in combination with a 1 or 2 drawer unit on one or both sides.

How the Wolfram Weldstation Compares

We hate to brag, but we’re gonna do it. But it’s important to understand this is not marketing hype. From an empirical standpoint there really is a massive difference between Wolfram and everyone else. So let’s break down what makes Wolfram the best welding table money can buy – from the top down.

The Moneymaker Welding Surface

We’ll get to the foundational stuff in a minute. But it all leads up to the actual fabrication surface. And we broke all the rules with this one! So let’s start with the desert.

The Wolfram Weldstation features a 30″x50″ surface laser cut from 100% USA produced 1/2″ thick A572-50 structural steel; a  High-Strength Low-Alloy Columbium-Vanadium Structural Steel commonly used to build cranes, bridges, and skyscrapers. We’re proud to disclose the exact formulation of steel in Wolfram so you aren’t left guessing what kind of cheap imported material is being pawned off as a “high quality” surface.

And Wolfram’s top isn’t just a top! We include full 4″ sidewalls that are also cut from 1/2″ steel and fully welded. These sidewalls are simply not available on any competing product, but they add incredible rigidity as well as providing for infinite expandability. You can literally bolt on extensions to expand the 30″x50″ surface to reach out to an insane 70″ x 100″. And that’s not to mention the fact you can interconnect Weldstations to build a massive surface!

I think we can all agree that a 1/2″ block of steel is crazy strong, but strong is only part of the equation. We all need our fabrication table to also be flat! So here we took things to a whole new level!

Instead of simply milling the surface of Wolfram’s top, we have every single unit Blanchard ground. If you’re not familiar with the process, here’s a little video demonstration.

Blanchard Grinding

As you can see, this process involves a large rotating grinding surface that spins around removing material in the flattest way possible. No other process will achieve this level of flatness. But it’s expensive and time consuming, and that’s why no one does it.

Full Width Oversized Removable Handle

If you’re starting to get the feeling that we refused to cut corners, you’re catching on to our design ethos. Even the handle on the Wolfram Weldstation is a beast. We cut the handle from 1.5″ round tubing, because it feels much more comfortable to grip and pull than any other size. Let’s face it, anyone that gives you a wimpy 1″ handle is just demonstrating the lengths to which they’ll go to save a few cents. They don’t deserve your hard earned dollars.

Fully Welded Space Frame Chassis

Technically, since our entire frame is welded, the legs actually comprise part of our chassis, but we’re going to get to them in a minute… the heavy lifting is done by the remainder of our tubular steel frame. At the top, to keep the entire system rigid, and make sure this thing lasts LONG after we’re all dead, we use 2″x4″ tubing. We know that’s WAY beyond overkill, but it also let’s us slot our debris trays right through the middle of it on the ends. So, that was justification enough for the decision!

And yes, since there are hundreds of holes in the surface to accommodate tooling, we do have two debris trays that are accessible from the sides so that anything falling through can be collected.

We don’t stop with the 2″x4″ tubing around the top, we also use a 1″x3″ tubing perimeter around the entire bottom. Unnecessary? Maybe. But look how beautifully it frames the lower shelf!

Wolfram Weld Table 1x3 Lower Framing

Fully Welded 2 inch Tubular Steel Legs

Have you seen the legs some of the biggest companies in the industry put on their tables? We’ve taken the calipers to their 14ga sheet metal folded angles and it’s frightening. Add to that the fact that they bolt together and you’ve got a disaster waiting to happen.

That’s why you’ll find nothing but tubing providing the strength for project Wolfram. Our legs are laser cut from 16ga 2″x2″ square tubing, with tabs and slots for perfect cross-bracing and interconnections. Then, they’re fully welded for permanent strength.

Wolfram Welding Table Legs

And since we’re cutting them on a laser, we also put an additional 42 holes in each leg to provide for infinite expansion. We have no idea what to do with all those holes (yet)! But we’re sure you’ll give us ideas or figure out how to make good use of them yourselves.

Formed, Slotted and Welded Lower Shelf

Of course Wolfram comes with a lower shelf in even the basic configuration. We cut this shelf out of 14ga steel, and reinforce it with cross bracing underneath. It starts out on our laser where we profile the panel and cut 24 slots that can be used for securing just about anything to the shelf. It then makes its way to our CNC brake where we bend flanges on all 4 edges to provide strength and rigidity. Finally, it’s welded inside the frame. When it’s all done, not only is it beautiful – it’s incredibly strong!

Optional Full Width Center Shelf

The General configuration includes an optional Full Width Shelf. This shelf is cut from 14ga steel and all 4 edges have a double flange to provide strength and rigidity.

Laser cut holes at each of the 4 corners allow the shelf to be mounted in any of the legs 11 vertical positions for height adjustability. And of course mounting is accomplished with nuts and bolts to ensure there is no movement or rattling when the table is wheeled across even the roughest of surfaces.

NOTE: Since the shelf is full width, it can’t be used along with the 3 drawer units. However, it will still work with the single or double drawer units to still give you some space if you don’t need to stack tall things.

The Custom Casters

Two factors contribute the most to the ultimate capacity of a welding table. Obviously, how strong the legs are is the first. But of equal importance are the casters you charge with bearing the weight of the entire system. While other companies look for every possible place to cut corners and save money, we focus on results.

You won’t find that anywhere else.

5in Total Lock Swivel Casters

Ultimate 4 Stage Powder Coating

As Henry Ford once (allegedly) said, “You can have it in any color, so long as it’s black.” The Wolfram Weldstation comes in black, and we utilize a rigorous powder coating process that begins with sandblasting, followed by chemical cleaning, a primer coat, and a final black powder coat. It’s all designed to ensure excellent adhesion and long term durability. Oh, and it also looks like a work of art.

Feature List Summary

  • 100% Made in Texas
  • 100% US and North American steel
  • 100% welded by certified professionals.
  • The only precision made welding cart with sidewalls for expansion, strength, and flatness.
  • Entire frame constructed from 2″x4″, 1″x3″ and 2″x2″ laser cut tubular steel.
  • 1/2″ US A572-50 steel top.
  • 2 layer powder coat – primer + color after rigorous cleaning.
  • 5″ poly on steel total lock casters rated at 800lbs each.
  • 1.5″ tubular steel handle for comfort and control.
  • Wide array of accessories including table extensions, vise mounts, and all SuperSlot accessories.
  • Accessories compatible with our entire line of heavy duty weld tables.
  • 44 Expansion holes laser cut into each leg. Accepts bolts, or nutcerts.
  • Multiple standard configurations available.
  • 2,000 lb capacity (on casters!)
  • 424lbs. base weight / 612 lbs. with two 3 drawer units
  • 36″ surface height
  • Easily expandable to 90″ long.
  • Widest size that will fit through standard doorways


You finally made it to the end! Congratulations! We owe you a beer. Or your favorite frosty beverage of choice. But that doesn’t mean we’ve passed along everything we know about the table. So if you have more questions, or if there is anything our team can ever help with, please let us know! We truly love to help, and want to be a part of your success!


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