Fun Games to Kill Time! (What’s This Doing here? :-)

Sometimes, you just need to have a little fun. So in the interests of Science, we’re posting some little games you can play. For no good reason at all. Enjoy!!!


Click the image to play the game, then use your arrow keys to control the blocks and fill up solid rows to make them disappear.

But Wait, there’s more…

  • Dungeon Hero Game – Here’s a classic dungeon hero game where you just click your mouse to move / attack / action or whatever. Remember to take potions to get more health, and find the keys to unlock stuff.
  • Frogger – Ok, it doesn’t really look like a frog. But you need to help your little yellow dot at the bottom navigate the passing cars (don’t touch them) to cross the road, then jump ON the floating logs and stuff to get up to park the dot in one of the 5 open boxes at the top.
  • Missile Command – Click with your mouse to destroy the incoming missiles that are trying to take out your bases. But beware, you have limited ammo…
  • Snake – Use your keyboard arrows to point the snake at the red dot. For every dot you eat, you get one dot longer. Keep going, but don’t bite yourself or it’s GAME OVER!
  • Breakout – Move your puck left and right with the arrows, and hit SPACE to launch a ball.
  • Pong – Of course, classic pong! Use the arrow up and down keys for the right side, and the S and W keys for the left side. Have fun playing against yourself or a friend!

That’s All!

Now get back to work. 🙂

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