How to Calculate the Weight of a Steel Plate or Sheet

How Much Does Steel Weigh

If you’ve ever needed to calculate the weight of a sheet of steel plate, it helps to know the formula. Of course, it helps even more to have an automatic Steel Plate Weight calculator! So we’ve got both here for you – First the calculator, then the formula.

Formula to Calculate the Weight of Steel Plate

Fortunately, calculating the weight of a steel plate is not a complex process. It only requires simple multiplication.

Width (inches) * Length (inches) * Thickness (inches) * Density (lb/in3) = Weight

So, for example a 4ft x 8ft x 3/16in plate of steel would be calculated in inches as: 48 * 96 * .1875 * 0.282 = 250 lb.

.282 is the density of A36 steel plate, but you can of course substitute the density of other metals if you need the weight of a different material.

MaterialDensity – LowestDensity – Highest
Density listed in lbs/in3.
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