Installing the Jeep Wrangler JL Accessory Mounting System

About a year ago I purchased my first Jeep. A Wrangler JL Rubicon Unlimited. I love everything about it, except for the inefficient use of space in the rear cargo area. So I did something about it, and designed a system that allows for the addition of multiple storage shelves, along with a wide range of other accessories. One of the best parts is the ease of installation, so here’s a brief overview along with a few helpful tips and suggestions.

Install the Universal Mounting Brackets

The Wrangler JL has a set of hidden mounting points located right on the roll cage in the cargo area. There are little plastic covers on each side which can be removed by just giving them a firm tug.

Once exposed, the two Universal Mounting Brackets will attach to the roll cage each using two of the included M8 bolts. A 5mm Allen key is all that’s needed to tighten them up. Incidentally, these are the exact same size bolts used to secure the hard top.

A few things to note about the Universal Mounting Brackets:

  • Obviously, you can use any hole or slot to mount anything you can imagine!
  • If you have a desire to mount something in particular, but need help with a custom mounting adapter, just let us know.
  • The slots are designed to accommodate a 5/16″ carriage bolt, just like in the Top Accessory Shelf, and the Cargo Shelf. You’ll need to slip them in before mounting in order to have the threads protruding upwards so you can attach things.
  • There are two tapped holes on the top that are specifically spaced to accommodate these particular quick release fire extinguisher mounts. We also recommend these auto and marine fire extinguishers.

Install the Top Accessory Shelf

If you purchased the Top Accessory Shelf, we recommend you install it first just because it’s a tiny bit easier without the cargo shelf already installed. Installation couldn’t be easier.

Simply position the shelf on the mounting posts and line up the holes on each side. Then use the eight 5/16″ mounting bolts to secure it in place. We know that seems like overkill, but we’re all about overkill. Also, this ensures there is absolutely no rattling, so snug them down really tight!

A few notes about the Accessory Mounting Shelf:

  • There are a lot of holes which can be used for strapping and attaching things, but small slots are designed to perfectly accommodate a 5/16″ carriage bolt, just like the slots in the Universal Mounting Plates, and the Cargo Shelf.
  • There are small holes which are spaced to allow the use of Quick Fist mounts for securing things like axes, shovels and other handled devices.
  • To simply install a farm jack on the shelf, we recommend a set of these Frame Rail Protector jack pads. A hole drilled right through the middle, and a bolt slipped through the jack, rubber pad, and Accessory Shelf works like a charm!
  • Wing nuts are great to use when mounting accessories to make it easier to get to things when on the go.

Install the Cargo Shelf

If you purchased the Cargo Shelf, the box includes a set of mounting plates and ten M8 bolts. These are the same bolts used to secure the Universal Mounts to the roll cage, so they also use the same 5mm allen key.

Start out by installing the mounting plates to the Universal Mounting Brackets. We recommend using the second set of holes from the top. In addition to using a pair of M8 bolts at the top, add one additional M8 bolt below, for a total of three bolts per side. That extra bolt will also ensure there is absolutely no rattling or noise coming from the kit.

The final step is to install the shelf using a pair of M8 bolts on each side. We’ve found this is much easier if you rest the shelf on a box or something similar to elevate it to near the same level to help you line up the holes and get the bolts threaded. Alternatively, get a friend to help out unless you happen to have really strong biceps!

Quick tips about the Cargo Shelf:

  • There are a lot of holes which can be used for strapping and attaching things, but small slots are designed to perfectly accommodate a 5/16″ carriage bolt, just like the slots in the Universal Mounting Plates, and the Accessory Shelf.
  • The additional holes on the mounting plates allow the Cargo Shelf to be mounted in multiple positions. In higher positions you might have to remove the lower mounting plate bolt to slip the shelf in.

That’s It!

Once everything is installed and you’ve tightened down all of the nuts and bolts, you’re good to go. Enjoy your newly refreshed cargo area, and send us photos and stories about how you’re using everything! We love to hear them ,because we put a lot of love into making them for you!

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