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Breathing New Life into Old Picnic Tables

A little while back we had the opportunity to redesign and refurbish the old picnic tables at a local park. The old tables had a nice concrete base firmly planted in cement, but they had extremely weathered, rusty and downright dangerous expanded metal surfaces that were desperately in need of replacement! So we decided to do away with the old metal surface in favor of a cooler, smoother treated wood surface, supported by a strong[…]Continue Reading

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Building the Texas Elite Arched I-Beam Table Base

My buddy Kevin Tunis is a woodworker with a flare for making high-end custom tables with rare and massive wood slab tops. One such table is his Texas Elite which merges classical woodworking with custom metal fabrication for a table unlike anything you can get anywhere! Kevin loves to challenge convention, and the design of this table base is no exception. His vision was to build an industrial I-Beam design, including an arch in the[…]Continue Reading

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Prototyping a New ATV / UTV Tie Down System for Trailers

The ATV / UTV tie down system is now available for purchase here! I have a couple of ATVs, and I have a trailer, but until today I didn’t have a system for mounting those ATVs for secure transport. Oh, sure I could use ratcheting straps. But who really wants to rely on a couple of nylon straps when it comes to keeping a $10,000 or $20,000 vehicle from falling off on the highway and[…]Continue Reading

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Making the World’s Best Grill Grate!

I love to grill. But why is it that the weakest part of every single grill sold is always the grilling surface? It’s arguably the most important part, but even the “best” grills come with mediocre grates. Well, since I have a fabrication shop, I decided to remedy that by building the best damn grate in the world! Let me explain… The Problems with “Stock” Grill Grates Grill grates typically come in what I would[…]Continue Reading

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We’ve Been Building Some Structural Supports

It’s not all fun and games in the shop. Wait! Actually, it is! It is always fun and games in the shop. Even when we aren’t making crazy bottle openers, or amazing coat racks. Any day cutting and welding stuff in the shop is a good day! Today’s challenge was to create custom supports designed to support the roof over a covered porch. Normally people use something like a wooden post. But there’s one really[…]Continue Reading