Safety. Beauty. Longevity. These are the core requirements for every Public Art Project we undertake. Unlike private art collections, public projects are often subjected to extreme weather conditions, vandalism, and use by the entire spectrum of humanity. A great deal of consideration must be given not only to creating a situationally appropriate piece of art, but also the wide range of possible interactions that may occur, and the long term care requirements.

Particular attention is placed on engineering durability into everything we do. We won’t put our name on anything we wouldn’t consider museum-quality – and we define that as being something capable of ending up in a museum 1,000 years from now. With proper care and maintenence, everything we make will survive for generations to enjoy.

Our Process
Texas Metal Works public creations begin as 3D computer models to allow for testing, inspection and modification prior to manufacturing. We believe an iterative process that allows clients to take part in shaping the final design is the only means of ensuring complete satisfation. It’s also the best way to allow teams to collaboratively review a project in order to arrive at concensus and obtain buy-in from all stakeholders.

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