Welding Table Extensions in 30″ to 60″ Lengths


Our welding table extensions can extend the length and width of our welding tables by 10″ (single) or 20″ (pair). They also work great on the surface as giant squares!

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Our welding table extensions can be used for a wide variety of purposes, not the least of which is to extend the length of our welding tables. By bolting these extensions to the sides of a table the length or width can be increased by 10″ (single) or 20″ (pair).

The extensions can also be used as full length (or width) 90 degree squares for fabricating things that require precision angles. When used in combination with our Fab Squares it’s possible, for example, to perfectly fixture all of the legs for a table at perfect dual 90 degree angles.

The Welding Table Extensions come in four sizes:

  • 30 inch
  • 40 inch
  • 50 inch
  • 60 inch

It’s possible to extend the longer sides of the 80″, 100″ and 120″ tables with multiple extensions. In fact, we used to build those longer extensions, but it turns out they are so big and heavy, it’s difficult to get them in place and leveled up. So it works out better to have a pair of shorter extensions, which also gives you more flexibility in terms of application.

Also, keep in mind the smaller sizes are often purchased exclusively to use as large squares on the surface since they don’t cost much more than a couple of 6″ wide squares, but can be deployed more quickly and ensure evenness along a line of fixturing!

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30", 40", 50", 60"


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