The Mother of All License Plate Brackets – Gen 2!


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You’ve found the World’s Strongest License Plate Holder! Mount one of these on your bumper and never worry about it coming off. Kit includes LED Light and mounting hardware.

UPDATED: Our Gen2 swaps bumper mounting holes for slots to allow for a wider range of mounting options!  This increased flexibility allows the bracket to be mounted partially hanging beyond a bumper if needed.

Product Description

If you’re looking for a license plate bracket to accompany your awesome aftermarket bumper, look no further! You’ve found the most bad ass license plate holder on the planet. We fabricate these license plate mounts from 3/16″ thick heavy A36 steel plate. This is the same material used to hold up skyscrapers.

MOA License Plate Brackets in Action!

These mounts are cut out with an industrial laser CNC machine, then bent on a hydraulic press before being sent through our rigorous powder coat process that begins with sandblasting and chemical cleaning. Once they’ve been coated we package them up with an LED light and the hardware needed to mount them to your bumper. All you need to do is drill two holes, and mount!

Once this heavy duty license plate holder is mounted on your bumper you can grab hold of it and literally shake the entire vehicle. So when you take to the hills there’s no fear of a stray branch damaging your license plate mount! We’ve sold hundreds of these babies and never had a single report of one being damaged in the field!


Here are the dimensions of this unit so you can check and make sure it will fit your application. The main body is 12″ wide x 6″ high, with the little light mount sticking up 1.5″ above that.

The Gen 2 version incorporates the 1.5″ slots at the base to allow for more mounting flexibility.