Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited Cargo Shelf

Our Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited Cargo Shelf will change your life! Whether you’re taking a cross country trip, or just making a run to the grocery store, this shelf will double your carrying capacity and increase the usefulness of your Jeep meaningfully! Designed to work together with our Wrangler JL Unlimited Universal Mounts, Wrangler JL Unlimited Top Shelf, and more to come. All together, the system revolutionizes the amount of space available to Jeep Wrangler owners.

NOTE: The Cargo Shelf requires a set of Universal Mounting Brackets. So don’t forget to order them too!

The Cargo Shelf includes a set of adjustable mounting plates which attach to the Universal Mounting Brackets and allow for three different height settings. With no mats or floor liners interfering, the bottom lip of the shelf has 17″ of clearance from the floor in the lowest setting. From there it can be raised up to 6 inches in 2″ increments. (It’s actually possible to get creative by flipping the mounting plates over and coming up with additional positions as well.)

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The cargo shelf is 43.5″ wide by 23.5″ deep. The sidewall of the shelf is 3″ tall. We build these shelves so that the shelf surface is centered within the 3″ of height. So on the top there is a little less than a 1.5″ lip, and the same on the bottom.

This means that items put on the top of the shelf won’t be able to slide off, and on the bottom it allows you to use the sidewalls for strapping things to hang beneath it, should you wish. The 3″ sidewall on the shelf also give it much more torsional rigidity than any other shelf available.


Currently the Cargo Shelf is only available for 4-door, hard top versions of the Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited. We’ve had many requests for versions that will work in conjunction with the factory soft top as well as the 2-door variant, and we’re working on solutions for those.


Our JL Cargo Shelves are laser cut from 10 gauge steel (about 1.8″ thick), then hand assembled, welded, and polished. Unlike other shelving units, there are no screws or bolts holding things together. Once we’re doing the shelf and entire border surrounding it is one contiguous block of super strong steel! In fact, we crammed John P. into the shelf to test it! And after cramming his 6 foot, 200 pound body in the shelf barely knew he was there. (Getting him out was a different problem…)

After assembly, our parts go through a rigorous “no shortcuts” powder coating process that includes:

  • Sandblasting to remove dirt, oil and mill scale
  • Chemical cleaning of all surfaces
  • Pressure rinsing and heated drying
  • Professional powder application
  • Oven baking and curing

The coating process ensures a tough, durable finish that can withstand abuse. In the event there’s a deep scratch, the area can be touched up by hand without fear of it spreading since the adhesion is consistent everywhere.

Product Improvements

Since this is a pre-launch product we’ve incorporated some changes and improvements into the product that aren’t reflected in the photos we’ve taken of various stages of the evolution. While we’re waiting on finished products to be available for photography, here’s a 3D rendering of the latest variant of our JL Cargo Shelf.

Here’s one more top down view. The larger slots in the shelf are great for using a variety of tie downs, while the smaller slots are specifically cut to accommodate 5/16″ carriage bolts. Those slots are integral to a number of optional accessory mounting plates we’ll be making available.

Installation Guide

We have a simple (possibly unnecessary) guide to installing the system right here.