Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Box

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  • Wall Mount for Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier
  • Wall Mount for Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier
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Ready for your next adventure, but need more vehicle storage space – check out our Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Box. Our cargo carrier is thoughtfully designed, rugged, versatile and ready for road trips, tailgating, camping, soccer practice and more.

Additional information

Weight28 lbs
Dimensions45 × 33 × 14 in
Package Options

Cargo Carrier, Wall Mount, Cargo Carrier + Wall Mount


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The Birth of an Idea

On our last driving trip to Florida (from Texas), we used one of those common 24″ platform hitch mounted carriers with a couple of hardshell cases strapped to it. Despite ratcheting them down, we worried about them all the way there and back! When we came back, we scoured the market for hitch-mounted storage solutions, but none met our standards! So, we did exactly what you’d expect and engineered our own Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Box!

With 17.5″x 42″ of space between our ribs, and tie-down options galore, the storage possibilities are vast. Looking for an enclosed solution, we designed our carrier to perfectly fit the Rubbermaid ActionPacker️ 48 Gal Lockable Storage Bin for weatherproof storage space. You’ll notice our carrier fits like a glove! And that’s no accident.

Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier 4

Of course, there are a few hardshell, enclosed cargo carriers on the market (Stowaway, GearSpace, Thule), but they all run $800-$3,000, and storing them when not in use is a major waste of garage space. Our carrier costs a fraction, weighs far less, is incredibly strong, will last a lifetime, and offers an optional custom wall mount to get it conveniently out of the way!

Perfect for Tailgaiting!

For the tailgaters or soccer moms, our cargo carrier will also accommodate some of the largest coolers available including Igloo Maxcold (150-Quart), Igloo Polar Cooler (120-Quart), Igloo IMX (70-Quart), Yeti Tundra 110, Yeti Tundra 75, Yeti Tundra 65 and so many more. PS: Most of these coolers leave extra space in the carrier for other gear — not to mention what can be strapped on to the sides, bottom and top!

Igloo Maxcold (152-Quart)

Carrier Features

Our steel carrier is laser cut, professional welded, powder coated and ready for action. You aren’t buying a bunch of lightweight cheap stamped steel from overseas that needs to be bolted and screwed together!

  • Exterior dimensions: 45″w x 21″d x 10″h (without mounting tube)
  • Exterior dimensions: 45″w x 33″d x 14″h (with mounting tube)
  • Interior dimensions: 17.5d x 42w
  • Weight:  28lbs
  • Fabricated from 3/16″ A36 structural steel plate and a combination of 11ga and 16ga 2″x2″ steel tubing
  • Professionally assembled and guaranteed forever!

Notes on Shipping

As we mentioned before, our carrier comes completely welded, and as such is in a BIG box, completely assembled! We pack it into a custom designed heavy-duty two-part box which was engineered off our 3D models specifically to keep this baby safe all the way to your door! The package weighs about 40 pounds and you can make a fort out of it for your kids when you’re done unpacking it. 🙂


There is no assembly! Remove from box, insert and bolt into 2″ receiver, enjoy your adventure! (And send us action pics, please!!!!)