F-Bomb Bottle Opener


The mother of all bottle openers. Made from steel, and the crushed bones of our enemies.

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Our hand-crafted bottle openers begin life as sheets of 3/16th” thick industrial steel before being blasted apart by a robotic plasma cutter! But don’t feel sorry for these little guys – because every step that follows is completed entirely by hand by a master craftsman right here in the US of A!

These bundles of joy are just under 6″ long and 2″ wide. They weigh over 1/4 pound each! F-Bombs can be had in one of two unique finishes – Industrial or Modern.

Industrial Finish

After being cut, these bottle openers are cleaned and inspected, then loaded into a vibratory tumbler to remove burrs. They tumble gently for hours, giving them a unique weathered industrial look before being washed and acid etched in small batches.

Modern Finish

After being cut these bottle openers are taken to a special industrial belt sanding machine where they are expertly ground to a fine polished state with high reflectivity.

Protection From The Elements

What gives these bottle openers their unique appearance is the fact they are made from steel. However, untreated steel will rust so ALL of our bottle openers are finished with a centuries old Blacksmith technique which requires each piece to be heated to 140 degrees before being hand rubbed with a beeswax-based coating that will last for years when treated properly.

Routine care should include only light rinsing and immediate drying to protect the finish. An occasional coating of furniture polish will keep them good as new for an eternity!

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