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Our InsertaClamps will hold down anything you can imagine on any welding table with standard 16mm or 5/8″ fixture holes. Choose from either this 8.5″ version, or the smaller 6.5″ variant depending on the height and strength requirements of your project.


These are by far the most popular accessory we sell and recommend for use with our tables. On average, customers purchase 8 Inserta Clamps per table, and for good reason. They are the most versatile clamps we’ve found – and we’ve tested them all! The 6.5″ clamp works great, unless you’re going to be clamping things that might just need a little extra height. In that case, choose the 8.5″ option.

The 8.5″ clamps are rated at around 500 pounds, but we’ve tested them and found they will easily exceed that. Here’s a pair of 6.5″ clamps (the smaller ones) holding our 50″ x 100″ weld table suspended with our forklift!

Click here to view the manufacturer product page for the UEN5200 (8.5″).

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