Our Heavy Duty caster set includes 4 casters to get your heaviest projects rolling! This 5″ x 2″ Total Lock Caster Set includes:

  • 2 Total Lock Swivel Casters
  • 2 Rigid Casters
  • Red Polyurethane on Steel Wheel
  • 3,200 lbs Capacity per Set of 4


We’ve had so many customers ask us to purchase the casters we supply with our welding tables that we’re now making them available as a standard product offering. These casters roll super smooth, and are crazy heavy duty. You can’t buy anything like them at Northern Tool, Home Depot, Harbor Freight, or anywhere else that we know of locally! So now you can get them from us!

We purchase our casters by the thousands, and we figure they are only really being purchased by our customers so we make them available at a great price. So stick them on just about anything you want to be able to move around in your shop and enjoy!


  1. Top plate: 3-15/16″ x 4-1/2″
  2. Bolt Hole Spacing: 2-5/8″ x 3 -5/8″ to 3×3
  3. Diameter: 5″
  4. Tread Width: 2″
  5. Load Capacity: 800 lbs/ea
  6. Overall height: 6-1/2″

The caster mounting plate that we manufacture which matches the bolt hole pattern of these casters can be purchased here and has the following bolt hole spacing.