10″ x 20″ x 6″ Riser & Table Connector


Our 10x20x6 riser block is built to help interconnect weld tables, and can also be used as a riser block on the surface for fixturing.

Product Update!

We have so many customers that build chassis and long expansive products that we build this product to interconnect multiple tables.  With the use of our Self Leveling Feet (4 – Pack & 6 – Pack), bolt two interconnections between tables and then level the entire surface.   As it stands, our longest-interconnected table is over 30 feet.  

Made from 1/4″ thick A36 structural steel and professionally assembled, our 10″ x 20″ x 6″ Riser Block has 140 precision CNC cut holes (5/8″ / 16mm) and the ability to seamlessly mount between tables, as a stand-alone extension or atop our tables as a fixturing tool. Note:  This product also includes Texas Metal Work’s Super Slots –  keep an eye out for our Super Slot products!